The following links and resources are tailored for family law and child protection professionals:

American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law

Family Way Newsletter, 2008

Infant Mental Health and Family Law: Questions Every Lawyer Should Ask about Infants in Child Protection Hearings

Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health

Guidelines for the Comprehensive Assessment of Infants and Their Parents in the Child Welfare System ($24.00 USD)    (click on products, then publications, then scroll down the page)

Royal Society Summary Report on Brain Development

Royal Society report on brain dev.pdf

Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Attachment 101 for Attorneys: Implications for Infant Placement Decisions

Society for Judgment and Decision Making

Vox Judicia, 2007

In the Best Interests of the Infant (page 8)

Zero To Three Court Teams


Statistics Handout

Statistics Handout.docx

Ulysses Agreement Information Booklet

Ulysses Agreement Form

  1. Fillable Microsoft Word 2007 version: Ulysses Agreement Blank – adult

  2. Adobe pdf (portable document format): Ulysses Agreement Blank – adult

Functional Assessment Questions

Functional Parenting Assessment.docx

Functional Assessment of Mentally Ill Parents

Parenting Assessment Psychiatric Diagnosis.pdf

Summary of Common Biases and Errors

Summary of Common Biases and Errors.docx

Eileen Munro Paper on Reasoning Errors in Child Protection

Munro Protecting Children in an Anxious Society.pdf

Errors in Reasoning_Munro_CA&N_1999[1].pdf

Parenting and Divorce Resources

Talking to Very Young Children about divorce

Discipline and divorce issues


A Parental Guide to making Child-Focused Parenting Time Decisions

Children's books about divorce:

Ages 2 - 5

Let’s Talk About It: Divorce, Fred Rogers

Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce, Cornelia Maude Spelman

Two Homes, Claire Masurel

Was It the Chocolate Pudding:  A Story for Little Kids About Divorce, Bryan Langdo

Standing on My Own Two Feet: A Child's Affirmation of Love in the Midst of Divorce, Tamara Schmitz

Dinosaurs Divorce, Marc Brown

It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear, Vicki Lansky

My Family’s Changing:  A First Look at Family Break-Up, Pat Thomas

I Have Two Homes, Marian DeSmet

Ages 5+

Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?  A Story of Divorce, Carol Gordon Ekster

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